A man was pictured climbing up a pole to disable a surveillance camera just before a boat was stolen Northumberland.

The suspect climbed up a 33ft pole on the

early hours of 19 June in the Factory Point premises in Blyth.

Police have released the CCTV image to help

with investigations into a dinghy theft that occurred around that time.

The boat has since been recovered after it

was found in a ditch but police are looking for two men who were seen in the

area at the time.

Treasurer of the boat yard, Cornel Van Der Wel, said: “It must have been a drunken prank – it happened at 4.30am. I

reviewed the CCTV footage and I saw him climbing up the pole in a flash.”

A police spokesman said the men broke into

the boatyard to “avoid the long walk round to North Blyth”.