After 25 days of racing the entire BT fleet is in a corridor 60 miles wide by 180 miles long, with only 16 miles separating the five yachts between 3rd and 7th positions

Logica, in 1st place, has lost 2 miles to Compaq but still has a lead of 7 miles, these two managed to gain a few miles on their closest rivals but it was the group at the back that continued to make big gains. The last 24 hours saw Save the Children making the most at 56 miles with Quadstone just behind with 54.

Isle of Man who had been the most easterly yacht for most of the leg is leading the break to the west and is now the most westerly. Heading for stronger and steadier winds they lost 4th place to Norwich Union by breaking from the pack first, but will be hoping for a long term gain by being west. The only yachts still hugging the coast are the lead three and Save the Children in 8th. They will be hoping that by keeping east, if the wind swings to the northeast, they will have an advantage by holding the windward position.

Tactically it is very interesting; Logica will want to go west and cover the fleet but if they do so and leave Compaq to the east then Compaq have an opportunity to slip through. Compaq and LG FLATRON have their own battle with LG FLATRON knowing that as long as they stay close to Compaq then they will win overall. Only a big split with Compaq doing well and LG FLATRON badly is there any chance of an upset to the overall positions. Compaq have their 2nd place overall to defend so they must also be wary of getting too far from the rest of the fleet.

After 25 days of racing the entire fleet is in a corridor 60 miles wide by 180 miles long. There were a few minor place changes yesterday and there are likely to be more today as the racing is very close, only 16 miles separates the 5 yachts between 3rd and 7th places and there is only 1 mile between 10th and 11th.