Don't even think about buying a boat until you have this

Don’t even think about buying a new boat this year unless you are armed with Top Yachts.

This new magazine is all the ammunition you’ll need to compare every boat launched since 2006 or about to hit the water this autumn and winter. Featuring the experts from Yachting World, Yachting Monthly and Practical Boat Owner, Top Yachts tests and rates 80 new boats from bluewater voyagers to performance cruisers and reviews over 60 more of the best new designs and launches.

In a special gear section, Top Yachts also examines the latest generation of equipment and looks at how it will change the way you sail. Top Yachts goes on sale 5th July, come back to this web page then to buy your copy online. In the meantime, to reserve your copy, please e-mail or call 01202 440 830.