An investigation has been launched after the release of video footage showing the wake of the Carnival Vista cruise ship destroying part of a marina in Sicily.

CCTV footage has just been released of the incident which appears to show the wake of the Carnival cruise ship, Carnival Vista damaging a marina in Sicily, Italy.

The 133,500-tonne ship left the port of Messina on 28 August, 2016.

The footage shows the wake from the ship’s stern thrusters overturning pontoons, ripping them from their moorings at Marina del Nettuno.

This caused several motor yachts moored at the marina to sink.

Italian media are reporting the cost of the damage is in excess of €250,000, just over £200,000.

The Messina Harbour Master has now launched an investigation into the incident.

Carnival Vista is Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship.

It is 1.062-feet long and can carry 3,934 guests and 1,450 onboard crew.

It was launched by the American-British owned company earlier this year.

Last month, Lloyd’s Register announced that Vista was being bestowed with the ECO Notation.

This recognises the vessel’s green environmental design, construction and operation and that it exceeds current maritime statutory environmental regulations.

In a statement to YBW, Carnival Cruise Line said: “As the cruise ship Carnival Vista departed Messina, Italy on Sunday, August 28, the current and wind were pushing the vessel off course.

“The ship’s officers were forced to increase the power of the vessel’s Azipod propulsion motors to control the ship’s movement and bring it back on course.

“In the process, the force of the ship’s propeller wash in the harbour impacted a nearby floating dock and some small vessels which were damaged. No injuries were reported.

“The company sincerely apologises for the matter and is in close contact with the Italian Coast Guard to examine what transpired.”