The 42-foot yacht, which became stuck on a beach groyne at Happisburg in north Norfolk at the weekend, has now begun to break up.

3 November

A yacht which became impaled on a groyne on the north Norfolk coast has now been broken in two by the sea.

Yesterday, local council engineers removed the majority of the fuel on board the 42-foot vessel which is stranded at Happisburgh.

The Coastguard counter pollution team and the Happisburgh Coastguard Rescue Team worked alongside the engineers.

A spokesman for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said teams are continuing to monitor for signs of any pollution.

She stressed that the yacht’s fuel tanks have not ruptured and that, so far, there is “no outward sign of pollution”.

Engineers will today begin to start removing the 25-tonne vessel from the beach.

According to Happisburg RNLI, the yacht had been en route from Hull to the Thames Estuary when lone skipper, John Favell, “lost wind and his engine failed to start.”

He tried to sail using the power of the tide alone but drifted ashore ran into the groynes.

“The yachtsman later said he regretted not calling for help until it was too late,” stated the RNLI.

Favell was thrown overboard by the yacht’s impact with the groyne.

He managed to make his way to shore where he was found by Happisburg RNLI crew and members of the Happisburg  and Mundesley Coastguard Rescue Teams, who had been called out.

Favell, who had cuts and bruises, was treated on the beach before being checked over by an ambulance crew.

“The RNLI would advise all yachtsmen to always inform the UK Coastguard of their route and their estimated time of arrival at their destination; to carry a working radio know how to operate it, and always wear a lifejacket when on deck or in rough weather,” stressed a spokesman for Happisburg RNLI.

Favell is being assisted by the village’s residents, who have raised money to pay for him to stay in the local pub.

The skipper lives on board the vessel and now faces the prospect of losing his possessions as the sea continues to claim his yacht.



1 November

Residents of Happisburgh have come to the aid of stricken sailor, John Favell after his yacht was impaled on a groyne on the north Norfolk coast.

The skipper lives on board the vessel and faces the prospect of losing everything if the 42-foot boat cannot be salvaged.

The yacht crashed into a groyne after the vessel suffered engine failure.

Favell had to be rescued by the crew of the Happisburgh RNLI Lifeboat.

Now, villagers have raised enough money to pay for Favell to stay at the local pub, the Hill House Inn, while efforts to re-float the yacht continue.

Favell said he was grateful for all the help he had received.


31 October

The yacht was travelling from Hull to the Thames Estuary when it ran aground near the Happisburgh Lifeboat Station at Cart Gap.

The sailor on board, John Favell from Hull, ran into the groynes when he lost wind and his engine failed to start. He was thrown overboard by the impact.

Favell managed to swim to the beach and at 7.21am on Saturday 29 October he was assisted by the RNLI and local ambulance staff who treated him for minor injuries.

The yachtsman said he ran into difficulty at around 2am and regrets not calling for help sooner.

The Happisburgh Station’s Atlantic lifeboat, Joan Mary, was launched and despite poor visibility, managed to be alongside the stricken vessel. They were joined by the Happisburgh and Mundesley Coastguards.

stricken yacht in Norfolk

The Happisburgh lifeboat was at the scene until 9:30am before returning to the station. The Coastguards stayed on and were joined by the fire services who proceeded to remove the diesel from the craft.

The Coastguard is currently trying to work out how to remove the large yacht, which weighs 25 tonnes.

yacht aground in Norfolk