The only all-female crew to race in the EDS Challenge have today announced their entry, Alphagraphics, increasing the tally to seven

The EDS Atlantic Challenge have announced one week before the start on 3rd July in St. Malo, a seventh entry into the Open 60 race. In a ceremony held in London, the one and only all-girl entry was officially named ‘Alphagraphics’ by Jordan, one of Britain’s best-known models. With an air of festive femininity, the yacht was named in recognition of their sponsor Alphagraphics, a leading multinational print shop. Joining Jordan was the youthful Swedish-born skipper Helena Darvelid, her formidable all female crew that will race the boat, and Tracy Edwards MBE, the famous yachtswoman with whom Darvelid sailed in 1998 in an attempt to set a new fastest circumnavigation record.

The crew themselves, nick-named ‘The Alpha Girls’, have a multitude of talents, not least in high performance sailing. American co-skipper Carol Archer comes from super-yacht sailing, and is joined by one of France’s top female sailors Frédérique Brulé, native-Hawaiian and America’s Cup veteran Suzette Smith, Polish-born offshore sailor Asia Pajkowska, and last but not least the youngest crew member, Philippa Richards, in fact the older sister of British yachtswoman Emma Richards.

“I am thrilled to be leading this team of terrific women in what I think will be a fantastic race and challenge,” said Helena Darvelid. “The Alpha Girls have got what it takes to race seriously, and to add a touch of glamour to the EDS Atlantic Challenge – watch out for our special crew racing gear when the sun comes out!”