A range of marine products and services that go some way to helping sailors reduce their impact on the environment

Sailing Networks and The Green Blue have joined forces to launch the first Green Directory, an online information resource that includes details of a range of marine products and services that go some way to helping sailors reduce their impact on the environment.

The Green Directory was officially launched at the recently held Collins Stewart London Boat Show.
Sailing Networks and The Green Blue were delighted to also receive the support of industry leaders, amongst whom was Honda Marine in the UK, becoming the first engine manufacturer to support the Directory and to gain approval to be featured.

Phill Haynes, Honda Marine National Sales Manager, applauds the initiative, saying:
“Mr Honda was a firm supporter of sustainability and innovation that doesn’t harm the environment. His mission for Honda outboards resulted in Honda being the ONLY manufacturer to ONLY ever produce 4-stroke motors, the cleanest form of marine power, despite already being the producer of world beating 2-stroke motorcycle engines.

“As such, we are now proud to continue that philosophy, as anything that helps spread the non-carbon word more widely and encourage everyone to think more about the resource we use while we have fun out on the water, or to help save our planet by minimizing our own carbon footprint, MUST be worthy of support. This is especially so when using the massive and booming reach of the world wide web, which is the main medium for information on environmental issues. This initiative is a positive move and it is to be welcomed in the small but influential marine leisure market,” commented Haynes.

The Green Directory aims to provide boating consumers with information and a choice of products that claim to be more environmentally sensitive. The products listed on the website at: http://green.sailingnetworks.com/green have been carefully selected and the products listed on the site fall into one of the following categories:

? They aim to prevent environmental damage from occurring
? They aim to minimise environmental damage, mainly through minimal use of harmful ingredients
? They aim to provide innovative solutions to issues of sustainable development of the marine sector

Anyone providing green solutions for the marine environment can have their product or service listed for free by contacting either The Green Blue or Sailing Networks through their respective websites: