Jimmy Cornell masterclass at the Cruising Association

ARC founder Jimmy Cornell is to host a masterclass at CA House this Saturday and there are still some places available.

In the last three decades Jimmy has sailed close to 200,000 miles in all oceans of the world, including three circumnavigations and two voyages to Antarctica. He has a wealth of practical advice to offer anyone contemplating a trip whether to the Mediterranean or right around the world. His seminars have sold out in the US.

The class, on Saturday 12 April at CA House, is in three parts, and should take around six hours with a break for lunch.

Planning your dream voyage: weather, seasons, prevailing winds, tropical storms areas and seasons, routing suggestions.

Practical aspects of long distance offshore cruising: safety, finances, formalities and documents, leaving the boat between seasons in the tropics, cruising in stages, crew and crew changes, communications.

Offshore routines: life on board, daily routine including maintenance, meals and entertainment; provisions, equipment, power; watch systems; fishing, diving and photography; dealing with heavy weather, emergency preparations and essential spares.

All sections are well illustrated and Jimmy is happy to take questions.

Contact office@cruising.org.uk to book your place.