Scottish woman left with serious leg injuries after boating accident in Ibiza.

Susanne Cassidy was
celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday when her leg was lacerated by
the propellers of a boat off the coast of Ibiza, according to a report from

She had moved to Ibiza to live there for the summer and was out on a boat off
the coast of popular resort San Antonio when the accident happened.

According to the Daily
, she was sucked into the blades of the propeller moments after sitting on an
inflatable doughnut ring. She survived by grabbing on to the side of the boat
and twisting her body out of the way.


Her condition was described as “serious but not life threatening,” and Ms Cassidy
is in intensive care after an operation that lasted over four hours.

“I’m just glad to be
alive,” she told the Daily Mail. “I really thought I was going to die. I knew immediately the
danger I was in when I felt my leg being sucked towards the propellers by the
force of the engine.”

“It all happened so
quickly. I don’t know if our boat moved or I jumped into the sea too near the
engine but I don’t remember hearing any warning,” she added. “I’ve been told
I’ll be in hospital for another four or five days and won’t be able to fly for
a while.”


Local police have launched an investigation.

Photo of San Antonio by robertpaulyoung.

Updated at 5.20pm.