Despite a dramatic early accident and one man overboard report, rescues have been low and casualties zero amongst the 1,735 yachts of the Hoya Round the Island race

An early casualty of the Hoya Round the Island race this morning was the J80 Redshift, that collided with a competing yacht called Jackdaw and suffered severe damage to her port bow. The lifeboat was called to retrieve three injured crew from the smaller craft but all have been subsequently passed medical checks and left for home.

Jackdaw stood by Redshift to assist in the clean-up operation after her dismasting (pictured) and the J80 was later successfully towed into Cowes.

In another incident, Russell Peters’ Ultra 30 Reloaded Red Square lost a crewmember, Jerry Hill, over the side whilst south of the Isle of Wight, but he was retrieved successfully.

The only other incidents we became aware of were two groundings, both without rescue. One was on Ryde Sands, the other on the putty inside East Cowes. Given the rising tide it was anticipated their owners would be able to reflect on their choice of next depth sounder over a glass or two by early evening.For a portfolio of over 150 photographs from today’s action, click here