Boaters complain to BW about unnavigable state of waterways

Boaters on the Leeds & Liverpool canal have made a formal complaint to British Waterways after experiencing the poor condition of the canal at the Liverpool end.

The waterway is littered with floating debris from nearby warehouses and there seems to be no attempt to address the problem. Local staff confirm that this situation is not unusual and that little attempt has been made by the owners to prevent the kids who do it. Discarded roofing panels float into the Eldonian basin and are used by the kids to harass the boaters.

The condition of the last 11 miles of the canal into Liverpool is described by those trying to use it as ‘deplorable’. There is a build-up of waterweed and reeds particularly around Aintree which will restrict any chance of exploiting the opening of the new canal to the Albert Docks next year. In many places the vegetation stretches right across the canal, despite the equipment needed for maintenance lying around unrepaired and unused.