Efficient rescue saw him walk to the ambulance

The RNLI Peterhead Lifeboat was called at 11.30pm on Saturday 16 January to an incident of a casualty who had fallen into Peterhead harbour. The casualty was kept afloat by a crewman and both were recovered by the “y” boat which then returned to the lifeboat. The whole incident took place less than 50 Metres from the lifeboat station and berth.

Andy Brown, RNLI Coxswain for Peterhead’s All-weather Lifeboat, says:

“The number of volunteer crew, and the speed of arrival on the scene was commendable.”

He also said that the crew performed very efficiently to minimise the casualty’s time in the water and prevent him from the danger of being crushed by the berthed fishing vessels when recovering him with the Y Boat

The casualty walked to the ambulance and was taken for examination to the local hospital.

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