Replacement for wrecked lifeboat arrives in Scotland

A new Trent class lifeboat has been allocated to Dunbar lifeboat station, in the Scottish Borders, after their own boat, Sir Ronald Pechell Bt, was damaged beyond repair when she grounded on the rock armouring of Torness Power Station on 21 March.

In a force ten gale, the boat’s moorings broke and she was swept onto rocks causing very serious damage to hull and keel, although the boat remained intact. The Trent lifeboat, built in 1996, was damaged beyond repair and has now been permanently replaced by another newer Trent lifeboat, John Neville Taylor, which has been reallocated from the relief fleet.

The replacement craft arrived on 3 May 2008 having been refitted at a cost of £170,000. John Caldwell, RNLI Divisional Inspector for Scotland, said: ‘We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers at Dunbar for their dedication during this time and for the support of the local community.’

John Neville Taylor, which travelled from the RNLI Headquarters at Poole via Dover, Lowestoft, Grimsby, and Whitby, arrived on 3 May 2008 and was escorted into Dunbar harbour by Windsor Runner (Civil Service No.42), the lifeboat which has been on temporary duty since the station’s own boat was damaged.