Follow this everyday sailor is his single-handed journey around the globe.

27-year-old Australian, Nick Jaffe, set sail from Holland in September 2007 on his one-man mission to reach Australia in a 26-foot yacht.

He relies on a tiny budget made up of sponsorship and odd jobs wherever he can find them. So far the support has got him to New York where, as you can see in his blog he’s having to make some tough decisions about his next move across the US and the sailing seasons ahead of him.

Below is an extract from his latest blog:

If you’ve been following this madness for any amount of time, you’ll have noticed I’m always broke. There are a few generous sponsors and numerous individuals who’ve helped me out, but life hasn’t always been rosy on the high seas. Work has been a constant issue, and living in the USA hasn’t helped – I’m not on a work visa, and so working here is difficult. I won’t go into the technicalities, but trust me, the American visa situation is a maze beyond my cognitive abilities. So when I stumbled across a job that would let me work from anywhere, talk about sailing, and be part of something exciting, I was happy beyond belief.

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