It's thought Mike Doherty fell in the river on his way home from the pub

Fears are growing for the safety of a man who is believed to
have fallen into the river Avon after drinking with friends last week.

Mike Doherty was last seen in the Chequers pub in Hanham (pictured above) on Thursday
before he left to return to his narrow boat moored along the river Avon. Police
believe Doherty tried to get on his boat because some of his possessions were
found on the riverbank.

Dive teams spent the weekend searching Hanham Lock for the
missing man, whilst locals grouped together to search in boats.

Keith Cumner, who was at the pub with Doherty before he
disappeared, said they have been launching every couple of hours to look for

“The water levels last Thursday were very high because of
the tide,” he said. “They were probably seven or eight feet above the normal
level. With the temperature of the water as well, it would have been a
challenge for anyone who fell in to get out.”

Police are asking anyone who may have seen Doherty on
Thursday night to call 101.