A yachtsman who, along with this wife, was rescued by Dover RNLI after intermittent engine failure in busy shipping lanes, has praised a crew member for his skills and calming manner.


A skipper of a 38-foot yacht has credited a member of Dover RNLI with saving “my marriage” after his vessel experienced intermittent engine failure.

The man and his wife were sailing back from Calais, France when the trouble started.

They were around 10 nautical miles from Dover.

The skipper contacted the UK Coastguard to request assistance.

Volunteer crew members of the Dover Lifeboat, led by coxswain James Clapham, were scrambled.

On arrival, crew member Richard Flowerdew went on board the yacht.

Conditions at the time were described as “quote rough” as there was a force four wind.

Flowerdew has since been praised for his “skills and calming manner”.

A video of the rescue on 13 August has just been released by Dover RNLI.

In it, Flowerdew is heard calmly reassuring the yachtsman’s wife, who is clearly distressed by the situation.

A tow is established before the yacht is towed back to Dover.

On its Facebook page, Dover RNLI said: “Proud of our crewman on board for his skills and calming manner.”

Following the rescue, the yachtsman said: “The crew member who boarded my boat and secured the tow line I believe also saved my marriage, keep up the great work guys”.