UK Coastguard has praised the skipper of a fishing vessel for his quick thinking after his boat started sinking off Yarmouth Harbour.

Seven people were on board the Sea Quest fishing boat on 21 August when the vessel started taking on water around one nautical miles south east of Yarmouth Harbour.

The skipper called the Coastguard on VHF channel 16 at 11.30 am to report that he was sinking and required assistance.

All those on board were wearing life jackets and the life raft was ready to be deployed.

Both the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston all weather and inshore lifeboats were launched.

The Platform Support Vessel Boston, Putford Puffin, was also nearby and went to assist.

The crew of the Putford Puffin used its fast rescue craft to rescue six of the seven people on board Sea Quest.

The skipper remained on board the fishing boat.

A failed sea cock was identified as the cause of the sinking.

Volunteer crew from the Gorlestone RNLI Lifeboat assisted the skipper with getting a pump on board to get rid of the excess water and stabilise his boat.

Once Sea Quest was stabilised, the boat was towed by the all weather lifeboat to its berth on the River Yare.

The six people rescued were transferred from the Putford Puffin to the inshore lifeboat and taken back to Yarmouth Harbour.

Members of the Gorlestone Coastguard Rescue Team were on hand to assist. None of the people on board needed medical attention.

Jolene Smith for the UK Coastguard praised the actions of Sea Quest’s skipper.

“This was a serious incident, but thanks to a well-trained and quick-thinking skipper and the correct communications and lifesaving equipment, we were able to ensure that rescue resources were quickly at the scene,” she said.