A 12-year-old girl suffered injuries following a collision between two jet skis at Calshot, near Southampton. She was taken to hospital.


The girl had to be airlifted to hospital following the accident at Calshot, near Southampton.

The emergency call came in at 2.15pm on 29 May. It was initially reported that there was a collision between two jet skis. Two adults and two children were believed to be on board.

The crew of the Calshot RNLI, along with the Gosport & Fareham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS), Hampshire Police, the South Central Ambulance and the air ambulance, Helimed, were all involved in the incident.

The accident happened in the sea off Calshot Spit, just a few hundred yards from the Calshot Lifeboat Station.

Two volunteer crew members launched the station’s D-class inshore lifeboat.

The pair, trained in casualty care, found a crowd of people on the beach and learned that a 12-year-old girl had been injured.

It is believed the teenager had been riding one of two jet skis which collided.

The crew assessed the girl and found she had minor injuries to her left leg and left arm.

She also reported back pain, and there were concerns the 12-year-old may have injured her hips.

As a result, the RNLI crew requested a basket stretcher be brought from the nearby lifeboat station, and placed her in it.

The girl was then airlifted to Southampton General Hospital by air ambulance.

A spokesman for Calshot RNLI lifeboat station said: “It appears two jet skis had somehow been involved in a collision and the girl was injured. Thankfully her injuries did not appear too serious, or life threatening.”

“She was in pain, and we did what we could to alleviate that until she received further medical help. We hope she is feeling better now and makes a full recovery,” continued the spokesman.

“We would also express our thanks to Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS), the local independent lifeboat service, as they too were involved in this rescue, and we worked together to provide an emergency response and the best possible care for this girl,” concluded the spokesman.