Watch Moelfre RNLI volunteers rescue three men who were thrown from their boat into the sea. One of the men wasn't wearing a life jacket.

The 60-year-old man, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket, was found by Moelfre RNLI clinging to a mooring buoy.

The man, and two others, who were both wearing life jackets, were thrown into the water after their fishing boat partially capsized.

The incident happened 400 metres from the Moelfre RNLI lifeboat station in Anglesey, North Wales.

RNLI volunteers witnessed the capsize of the fishing boat.

They said the vessel continued under its own power to steer in circles around the three men as they struggled to swim to safety in the 25-30 knot winds.

The Inshore lifeboat, Enfys, with helm Dwynwen Parry and Vince Jones were on the water within minutes.

They found two men wearing life jackets being rescued by a local fishing vessel.

The third man was found clinging to a mooring buoy 300 metres from the shore. He was not wearing a life jacket.

The man was quickly pulled from the water and his condition assessed.

All three men were taken back to the lifeboat station to await the arrival of ambulance paramedics.

They were all visibly shaken and cold, but uninjured.

Their fishing boat later collided with rocks as it circled out of control.

Once the men had been checked out by paramedics, Moelfre’s inshore lifeboat recovered the vessel and towed it to Traeth Bychan beach.

The RNLI Moelfre lifeboat helm, Vince Jones said the three men were “lucky to be alive and completely uninjured”.

“We saw their boat circling close to them and imagined the worst,” he said. “Fortunately, by the time we had launched, the strong winds had blown it clear of them.”

“A local fishing boat managed to rescue two of the three men from the water but the third was clinging to a mooring boy with no life jacket,” noted Jones.

“He was exhausted and had to be lifted into the lifeboat,” he continued.

“The boat’s engine had an emergency kill cord, but it had somehow come detached from the person driving the boat when it capsized. Someone was watching over these guys today,” concluded Jones.