The New South Wales police have faint hopes that Charlotte Lenas will be found alive onboard the upturned yacht

The boat that capsized on Sunday morning off the east coast of Australia has been located. A fishing vessel reported the yacht’s location, roughly 90nm north of where the capsize took place, to the New South Wales police.

A police helicopter couldn’t confirm that the boat found was the 38ft charter vessel on which a largely British crew of six were sailing from Surfer’s Paradise to Coff’s Harbour.

Linda Yarr, 35 from Airdrie, died in the tragedy and another British woman, Charlotte Lenas, 18, is still missing. A police launch tried to reach the yacht but bad weather concluded the search for another night.

The 38ft charter vessel Rising Farrster – a sistership of the one seen here – capsized early on Sunday morning and inverted within ten seconds.

The keel had fallen, or been knocked, off the boat in the area of Evan’s Reef, off Evan’s Head, 360 miles north of Sydney. Four of the six crew escaped into their liferaft but were forced into the water after 16 hours when the raft deflated.

They eventually came ashore at Evan’s Head just over 24 hours after the accident and were rushed to nearby Ballina Hospital for checks. Their cuts and bruises were tended before all four were pronounced safe and well.

Linda Yarr’s body was recovered within hours of the survivors raising the alarm but no trace has been found of Charlotte Lenas. Police had hoped she might be found alive inside the upturned hull but will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.