An investigation is underway after a fire broke out at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor in California, causing $500,000 of damage

Two powerboats and a sail boat have been destroyed after a fire broke out on a boat at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor in California.

The alarm was raised by someone sleeping on board a nearby boat just before 6am on 31 January 2017.

Firefighters from Santa Cruz Fire and Central Fire took 25 minutes to bring the blaze under control: by then, three boats has been destroyed by the flames.

They were assisted by officers from the Santa Cruz Police Department and Harbor Patrol.

Later, the US Coast Guard, Fish and Wildlife and County Environmental Health helped in the clear up of the burnt out vessels.

No one was injured during the incident.

The smouldering remains of a boat at Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor

The remains of one of the boats destroyed in the fire. Credit: You Tube

Boat owner, Doug Schroedel lost everything in the fire.

He was trapped on the dock by the flames and had to use a dinghy to make it to safety.

Speaking to, he said: “Everything I need and of value is gone on the boat. I threw the latch thing open as quick as I could get out and was stuck on the end of the dock for 40 minute.”

Santa Cruz Fire Battalion Chief Jason Hajduk told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that the fire has caused approximately $500,000 in damage.

He said the fire broke out on one of the powerboats before spreading.

“Fibreglass burns incredibly well once it gets going,” he noted.

“We were focused on making sure everyone was safe and the fire did not spread to more boats or the dock itself,” added the fire chief.

Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor provides permanent moorage for approximately 1,200 wet-berthed and 275 dry-stored vessels.