New owner didn't have any safety equipment or charts on board

An unprepared yachtsman was rescued from

the North Sea when he became disorientated after setting off without any safety equipment or

navigation aids.

The skipper of ECC Opal

contacted the Coastguard after the sailor approached the workboat and asked how

to get to Hull.

When the Cromer independent lifeboat (pictured above) reached the yacht, they

found the sailor was disorientated and had no VHF radio, flares, GPS, charts or

other safety and navigation equipment on board.

Dave Moore, watch officer at Yarmouth Coastguard, said the emergency service

sees an increase in these kinds of incidents as the weather improves.

“This incident was the third in the last few weeks

involving recently purchased craft that were inadequately prepared for the

sea,” he said. “People get over enthusiastic with their new purchase and often

overestimate their ability and underestimate the possible dangers.”

The yacht was taken under tow by the Cromer lifeboat who handed the tow to

Wells RNLI inshore lifeboat and transferred her to Yarmouth.