A policeman in Switzerland has been captured dramatically leaping into an out of control speedboat after its skipper fell into Lake Zurich. Watch the video below!

A Swiss policeman is being described by the media as “the next James Bond”, after he leapt from his own boat into an out of control speedboat in Lake Zurich.

The speedboat’s 56-year-old skipper, who was reported to be drunk, had fallen overboard.

A video taken by a witness was later shared on social media.

It shows a member of the Lake Zurich police in his own vessel approaching the out of control speedboat.

The boat circles a number of times before the policeman, who has not been named, jumps into the unmanned vessel and takes control.

Reports state that the speedboat’s skipper, who was off the shore of Bäch, had to dive under several times to avoid being hit by his own vessel.

He was later rescued by a member of the public.

Schwyz Cantonal police said a blood alcohol test proved the skipper was over the limit of 0.5mg/ml.

His boating license was withdrawn immediately.