A barge anchor weighing a massive 400kg has been stolen from a yacht club compound in north Wales

A barge anchor
weighing 400kg has been stolen from a yacht club’s compound in Barmouth, north

Local police believe
the thieves would have required heavy lifting gear in order to make off with
the large anchor.

Authorities suspect
that the object was stolen sometime since the beginning of March.

Investigating officer
PCSO Paul Duggan told the BBC: “Clearly the anchor is very heavy and would have
required heavy lifting gear, a vehicle and a fair amount of time to take from
the compound.

“Any vehicles used
will have been parked in the adjacent harbour public car park and alongside the
10ft high boundary fence and so I’m hopeful someone will have witnessed the

This isn’t the first
time an incident of this kind has occurred, with a 4.5 tonne anchor being
stolen from a sunken cargo ship off the Gower coast in 2012.

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