Here's a great example of how not to operate a lock gate

In this video posted online a few weeks ago, a boater takes the word barge a little too literally as he forces his narrowboat through a lock gate at Granary Wharf.

In footage by Blueglitter nc, loud schreeching can be heard as the narrowboat forced the gates open.

According to the YouTube poster, the video shows the boater’s second attempt at trying to “smash” through the gate.

It’s not clear what caused the skipper to use the unconventional method but members of the public took to the video’s comment section to speculate.

Canal & River Trust volunteer towpath ranger Russell Burgess said: “As well as personally tracking down the boat I can assure you I have informed my manger at the CRT. If anyone spots this boat please tweet @russ_hackney. This kind of boating is UNACCEPTABLE. CRT is a charity and we will have to repair that lock!!”

Meanwhile Peter Bottomley defended the boater’s actions saying: “I know the guy and the lock was stuck and water levels unequal, nobody to help, could wait hours for help, there was no damage to gate or boat and it seems everyone at sometime has done exactly the same.”