Seattle police say a man naked from the waist down went on a rampage while high on alcohol, ecstasy, marijuana and mushrooms

A 22-year-old man is accused of causing just under half a million dollars worth of damage after allegedly stealing a boat and ramming it into other vessels.
Michael Allan Bray, who was high and half-naked at the time, claims he was trying to get away from a ninja when he stole the 42ft motor yacht.
In charging documents filed last week, King County prosecutors say the Texas man admitted to police that he had consumed alcohol, ecstasy, marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms before the incident in Portage Bay.
Reports suggest that Bray broke into a 1987 Bayliner yacht, Par-a-gon, moored at the Queen City Yacht Club, found the vessel’s key and started the engine.
He then proceeded to ram into several other boats, boat sheds and docks, causing an estimated $483,000 of damage.
One witness, David Svendsen, was worried that the stolen boat would crash into vessels with people on board and fired a shotgun filled with birdshot through the window of the Par-a-gon, in an attempt to stop Bray.
After being stuck in the face and hands, the stolen boat came to a stop and drifted to the edge of a dock, police said.
“Bray appeared very paranoid and was in hysterics,” according to police investigators. “He was visibly bleeding from his face and hands and continued to rant and thrash about.”

A prosecutor told the court: “The defendant was very agitated and told officers that he was a CIA operative and had been pursued throughout the day by an ‘Asian female ninja’ who had been trying to kill him.”
He was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.
He has since been charged with first-degree theft, first-degree malicious mischief and reckless endangerment.
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