A fishing boat crew member has been ordered to pay a fine after the vessel he was in control of crashed into a coaster

A fishermen has been fined more than £2,000 for failing to keep a proper lookout after the vessel he was in control of collided with a coaster.
Andrew Cowan-Dickie pleaded guilty to the charge at a hearing at Bodmin Magistrates Court on Friday.
He was fined £1,000, with an additional £1,000 in costs and £100 in victim surcharge, following an investigation by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).
In March this year, the James R H Stevenson left Newlyn harbour with four crew on board and headed towards fishing grounds south of Cornwall.
Mr Cowan Dickie took over as the officer of the watch and was the only person on the bridge when the vessel crashed into a 2,000-tonne cargo ship at 4.30pm.
The collision caused significant damage to the vessel.
In an interview with the MCA’s enforcement team, Mr Cowan-Dickie admitted that he was in control of the vessel but had simply failed to see the coaster.
Principal fishing vessel surveyor Chris Uglow said: “When under way all vessels should keep a proper lookout at all times using all available means; it is clear in this case that this did not take place, resulting in a collision that cause significant damage and could easily have resulted in multiple casualties and pollution along the south coast of Cornwall.”

Image credit: Trawler photos