The 34-foot boat, Khaleesi, has been towed to Pier 39 in San Francisco Bay after it was salvaged. The vessel sank on 8 October 2016 with 30 people on board.

17 October

The yacht Khaleesi has been salvaged and towed to Pier 39 by its owners.

It will now be examined as investigators try to find out why the boat capsized, throwing 30 people into San Francisco Bay. Three of them were children.

Eight people, including a five-year-old boy who needed CPR at the scene, were taken to hospital as a result of the incident.

All of them have since been released.


In a media release, the US Coast Guard said it and partner agencies monitored the salvage operations.

“The owners hired Parker Diving and Salvage to conduct salvage operations on the vessel,” it said.

“Following a raising, dewatering and fuel removal operation Thursday (13 October 2016), the Khaleesi was towed to Pier 39 by its owners,” continued the statement.

“The salvage company removed approximately 20 gallons of gasoline from the vessel’s fuel tanks. Coast Guard members were on scene to monitor and ensure operations were conducted safely,” it added.

The investigation into the capsize and sinking of the Khaleesi is being led by the San Francisco Police Department Marine Unit.


The vessel capsized at around 4pm on 8 October, 2016.

13 October

The wreck of the Khaleesi has been located by divers from the San Francisco Police Department.

It comes as investigations continue into why the yacht capsized on 8 October, 2016, throwing 30 adults and children into the water off Pier 45.

Eight people were taken to hospital, including a five-year-old boy who needed CPR at the scene. All have since been released.

Investigators are now taking witness statements and collecting video of the incident.

Khaleesi yacht which sank in San Francisco Bay

Debris as a result of the capsize is being cleaned up. Credit: Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Parrinello/U.S. Coast Guard District 11

A salvage company has been tasked to recover the 34-foot Khalessi so the vessel can be examined.

Meanwhile, US Coast Guard small boats have been cleaning up debris in San Francisco Bay left behind as a result of the sinking.


10 October

The 34-foot yacht, Khaleesi, capsized 100 yards from Pier 45 in San Francisco Bay, throwing 30 people, including three children, into the water.

Video posted on social media shows people throwing red life jackets into the water. The yacht can be seen almost fully submerged.

The incident happened at around 4pm on 8 October, 2016.

Yacht capsized in San Francisco Bay

The Coast Guard responds to the capsize. Martin Mickos/U.S. Coast Guard District 11

At the time, the yacht had 27 adults and three children, on board.

Both the US Coast Guard and the San Francisco Fire Department responded to the incident, along with many so-called “good Samaritans”.

In a media release, the US Coast Guard’s 11th District Pacific Southwest said: “Coast Guard crews were able to rescue 20 people from the water, a San Francisco Fire Department boat crew rescued eight people and good Samaritans were able to rescue two people.”

A five-year-old boy required CPR after being pulled from the water. He is reported to be in a critical condition in hospital.

Crews on board the Coast Guard Cutter Pike, the Coast Guard Cutter Hawksbill, a 45-foot response boat from Coast Guard Station San Francisco, a 47-foot Motor Life Boat from Coast Guard Station Golden Gate, a 25-foot response boat from a Maritime Safety and Security Team and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco all attended the scene.

“All people aboard the Khaleesi are reported to have been accounted for at Pier 45, which consisted of 27 adults and three children. Two people were reported to be in critical condition and were taken to the hospital by emergency medical services personnel,” continued the US Coast Guard statement.

A spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department said all eight people hospitalised are expected to survive.

Commenting on the incident on Saturday, the commander of Coast Guard Sector San Francisco, Captain Tony Ceraolo said: “Strong operational partnerships among maritime agencies in the Bay Area were critical today, both in ensuring the waterside security of the Fleet Week air show events, and in emergency response resulting in the rescue of 30 people from the frigid Bay waters.”

An investigation into the incident is now underway.