Police in St Lucia have arrested five men following the death of sailor Roger Pratt

Five men from St Lucia have been arrested in connection with the murder of British yachtsman Roger Pratt after continued investigations.
The 62-year-old from Warwickshire was beaten and drowned on 17 January after robbers boarded his yacht, Magnetic Attraction, moored in one of St Lucia’s commercial ports.
Autopsy results revealed that Mr Pratt’s death was a result of “asphyxiation, secondary to blunt force trauma”.
The tragic incident happened at around midnight on Friday, with the attackers fleeing in a rowing boat.
Mr Pratt and his wife Margaret had been on a round-the-world sailing trip to celebrate her 60th birthday.
Mrs Pratt, who was left bruised and cut, is continuing to help police with their investigation.
She said in an interview with the St Lucian government information service: “We’ve not felt unsafe in St Lucia until the events of those final tragic minutes and have had considerable kindness from very many people and that kindness is continuing during the period of the homicide investigation.”

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