A petition is underway to name the new Isle of Wight floating bridge Floaty McFloatface after the name was initially vetoed by the island's council.


The Isle of Wight Council has rescinded on its decision to veto Floaty McFloatface as the name of the new floating bridge at Cowes.

It comes following outcry on social media after a spokesman said the name would not be considered.

A petition was even launched by regular bridge user Martin Linnenbruger to call it Floaty McFloatface, which has so far attracted more than 2,000 signatures.

The council is running a competition to name the bridge, who operates between Cowes and East Cowes.

Speaking to the Isle of Wight County Press Online, the leader of the Isle of Wight Council, Dave Stewart said the name would now be considered.

“When my administration says we’ll ask island residents what they want to call the new floating bridge, we mean it. If Floaty McFloatface is out in front in terms of popularity, that suggestion will not be vetoed by officers.”

“Today our cross-party executive unanimously decided to overturn any decision by officers to rule out Floaty, or any other suggestion provided it isn’t offensive,” he continued.

“Keep the names and the votes coming in, this competition for a new name for boring old Floating Bridge 6 could really put the island on the map,” added the councillor.

Linnenbruger, who lives in Shanklin, told YBW that he wasn’t convinced.

“I guess it could be seen as a small victory but I still don’t think the council will use the name even if it is the most popular,” he said.




First there was controversy over Boaty McBoatface…now a new, admittedly tinier, storm is brewing on the Isle of Wight as locals band together to name the new floating bridge Floaty McFloatface.

It comes as the Isle of Wight Council decided to launch a competition to name the bridge, currently called Floating Bridge number 6.

But according to 46-year-old regular bridge user, Martin Linnenbruger, who has started the petition, the council is not interested in naming it Floaty McFloatface.

So far, more than 1,500 people have signed the petition.

Speaking to YBW, Linnenbruger, who lives in Shanklin, said: “The idea came about when the Isle of Wight Council put out a vote to name the new floating bridge but said they would exclude Floaty McFloatface, so I thought lets start a petition and see what happens.”

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“Then to have so many people sign it was beyond anything I could imagine, as for what benefits it could have, it could show the island as being a fun place to visit and for sure would put a smile on people’s faces, also the selfie generation posting all over social media could bring publicity for the island,” he continued.

“In this day and age of doom and gloom, a bit of light hearted fun is something everyone could do with,” added Linneenbruger, who admits that he was unaware of the original Boaty McBoatface vote to name the Natural Environment Research Council’s new state-of-the-art polar research ship until it was over.

The Isle of Wight Council issued a press release encouraging people to name the new floating bridge, which operates between Cowes and East Cowes.

A council spokesman was reported as saying that Floaty McFloatface would be vetoed, which caused an outcry on social media.

“We’ll admit, ‘Floating Bridge number 6’ isn’t the most exciting of names for our new state of the art, modern floating bridge; but it is its registered name. Think you can do a better job of naming her? Now is your chance to get involved and think of something more exciting,” wrote the council in its release

“Entries of name suggestions for the new floating bridge are welcomed via the council’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/isleofwightcouncil. Please comment on the ‘pinned post’ at the top of the page. Name suggestions will be accepted before 12 noon on 7 April 2017.”

“Once collated, the best six suggestions will be put to the public vote, again, via the council’s Facebook page; with the winner to be announced on 21 April.”

Meanwhile Linnenbruger is not overly confident that the council will change its mind on Floaty McFloatface.

“Will the council listen? I very much doubt it,” he commented.