GAFIRS lifeboat was deployed to assist a woman who had been hit on the head by the boom of a sailing vessel on Sunday (11 March)

The GAFIRS lifeboat was training in the Solent at around 1pm when the Coastguard received a mayday distress call on VHF radio from a yacht.

The Coastguard tasked the GAFIRS lifeboat crew to assist the woman. GAFIRS located the vessel in less than four minutes, just off Browndown.

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The 22-year-old woman had been struck on the head by the boom of the sailing yacht and was suffering from neck and back pain.

GAFIRS Lifeboat coxswain Peter Byford said: “We placed two crew members on board the vessel who assessed the casualty. Because she was complaining of neck and back injuries the crew immobilised the woman as a precautionary measure.

“We escorted the vessel back to Portsmouth Harbour where she was transferred into the care of the ambulance service at Camber Dock.”

The incident was GAFIRS’ eighth of the year.