Jeanneau launching fractional ownership alternative with boat clubs in Europe where membership enables use of a fleet of craft throughout the year

Jeanneau is launching boat clubs in Europe in association with Freedom Boat Club (FBC), the world’s oldest and largest boat club of North America.

Boat Clubs are designed for customers who want to access a versatile fleet of boats on a regular basis, at an affordable cost of entry.

In the US, Freedom Boat Clubs all operate with a one-off entry fee and monthly dues. FBC members have unlimited access to the club fleet, but do not own them and never incur any service or storage fees. Reservations are made through a proprietary online system. The boat club system is an interesting alternative to boat ownership and fractional ownership.

FBC has more than 150 locations in 30 states of the USA and in Canada, Freedom Boat Club

Jean-Paul CHAPELEAU, Jeanneau CEO, explains: “The boat clubs are a real trend that our dealers are keen to develop. For Jeanneau dealers, it’s a unique opportunity to benefit from an experienced partner while launching this new service to our customers.”

FBC President and CEO John Giglio confirmed that based on current interest and development activity, he expects to announce multiple Freedom Boat Clubs operational in France this spring, with additional expansion elsewhere throughout Europe to follow.

According to the FBS’s website, each fleet at a boat club is available to its membership and a member-to-boat ratio is used to ensure there are always plenty of boats in the fleet to service the demand of members. FBC also rotates new boats into the system regularly, while moving them out of inventory after three years of usage.

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Jeanneau and FBC have signed an alliance agreement in which Jeanneau cooperatively develops Freedom Boat Club franchises within its European dealer network.

According to FBC President and CEO John Giglio, the FBC franchise model is now being offered to Jeanneau retailers in Europe who have the opportunity to develop FBC locations in their local market using Jeanneau outboard-powered boats.

“We are very pleased to be working directly with Jeanneau in the launch of our successful boat club franchise throughout Europe,” said Giglio, and added: “Jeanneau and their dealers clearly understand and embrace the benefits of the sharing economy, and the boat club model specifically.”