A man convicted of killing his father in a boating accident is appealing his 26-year prison sentence

A Mississippi man who killed his father and one other man in a boat crash back in 2010, is appealing his 26-year prison sentence.
Brad Hardy killed his father Mikeal Hardy and Roger Gipson, who had been on board their parked boats, after crashing into them on the Pearl River. One other man was also injured during the incident.
Mr Hardy, who was under the influence of alcohol, had been trying to splash people at a sandbar when the tragic accident occurred.
He was found guilty on two counts of manslaughter by culpable negligence and one count of aggravated boating under the influence of alcohol in October 2012.
Mr Hardy’s defence claimed that a steering failure was to blame for the crash. However, the defendant was still over the legal alcohol limit nearly 90 minutes after the boat crash.
The Mississippi Supreme Court will consider an appeal from Mr Hardy during its January-February term.

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