A German ship came across the missing sailor 200 miles off the North Carolina coast

A missing sailor was rescued last week by a passing ship after being stranded at sea for a staggering 66 days.

Louis Jordan, who was reported missing by his family on 29 January, had not been heard from until a German tanker spotted the man and his capsized boat, Angel, 200 miles east of North Carolina last Thursday.

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The 37-year-old, who survived on rainwater and sea life during his two-month long ordeal, was taken on board the ship before being airlifted to hospital by the US Coast Guard.

Despite being at sea for such a long time, the sailor was reported to be in fairly good shape and was suffering from dehydration and an injured shoulder.

Mr Jordan said his 35ft boat capsized during a storm, in which his mast was broken and all his electronic equipment was damaged.

Speaking about his rescue to WAVY-TV, Mr Jordan described how he’d written the words, ‘rescue me’, on the back of an American flag and held it up to the passing ship.

Before the incident, Mr Jordan had been living onboard his 1950s sailboat at the Bucksport Plantation marina in South Carolina after losing his job.

He told family and friends on his departure that he was heading out to sea to sail and do some fishing.

Louis Jordan posted this picture of a previous catch on Facebook before his ordeal

Louis Jordan posted this picture of a previous catch on Facebook before his ordeal

The US Coast Guard released audio of Mr Jordan’s first phone call to his father after being rescued, in which he can be heard saying: “I haven’t heard you in so long.”

His father replies: “Oh man, it’s nice to hear your voice. People have been praying for you.”

Mr Jordan says: “I couldn’t fix it, I couldn’t sail back with my boat – I’m so sorry, it’s such a huge loss.”

“Hey, Louis, you’re fine son. I’m so glad that you’re alive. We prayed and prayed and we hoped that you were still alive. So that’s all the matters”, replied his father.

Mr Jordan was discharged from hospital on Friday and now plans to write a book about his experience.

Posting on his Facebook page, he said: “Thanks to everyone for their love and support. I’m writing a book on my experiences on the ocean and with the boat.

“Please send me all of your dreams and interesting experiences that you have had about me while I was out there and anything else you think would make a great addition into my book.”