An investigation has been launched by the Liberian authorities after the abandoned oil tanker washed ashore on a beach at Robertsport.

The Panamanian-flagged oil tanker, Tamaya 1 was found by residents of Robertsport in western Liberia, about 10 miles from the Sierra Leone border.

No crew were on board when the ship ran aground on 4 May. However, one of the vessel’s two lifeboats was missing.

There have also been local reports claiming that three men were seen leaving the ship before it beached.

This has lead to speculation that the owners of Tamaya 1 may have abandoned an unprofitable ship.

Tamaya 1

Investigations into what has happened to the crew of the Tamaya 1 are ongoing. Credit James Hall/Twitter


Members of the Ministry of National Defence in Liberia are reported to have searched the 63 metre ship.

They found evidence of a fire inside the vessel, although the cause is unknown. The bridge and all of the documents relating to the ship have been burnt.

AIS data from shows the Tamaya 1 last known position was recorded back on 22 April. The ship, which was built in 1980, was heading southward at 7.1 knots after leaving the port of Dakar in Senegal.