A fresh search for the sunken boat of four anglers who drowned in a Scottish loch hopes to shed light on their deaths

A new search is being launched to solve the mystery of how four fishermen died on Loch Awe, Argyll and Bute in 2009.
Renewed efforts to discover what happened will begin next month by the loch’s volunteer rescue organisation, Lochwatch.
The search has been made possible after the MacQueen Bros Charitable Trust donated high-tech radar equipment.
Lochwatch will be fitting the 3D sonar radar to their patrol boat in the hope that it will be able to detect the sunken vessel.
Lochwatch chairman Iain MacKinnon said: “It would be the missing link and it would answer a lot of questions.”
“We have plenty of time to try and find the boat – we have a good idea where it might be from reports and talking to people.”
William Carty, Steven Carty, Thomas Douglas and Craig Currie all died after falling from a small boat in the early hours of 21 March 2009.
The boat is believed to have capsized in heavy fog as the Glaswegian men returned from a pub on the other side of the loch.
A fatal accident inquiry launched in 2011 found the men had been drinking, were poorly equipped and had taken no safety precautions.

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