A sailor describes terrifying yachting accident following YBW.com story

A sailor has described a scary yachting
accident in which her leg was “crushed” after a similar YBW.com story reminded her
of the experience.

Alana Cowell had spent the afternoon
sailing on the English Channel in March last year with her husband and two
friends when the terrifying accident occurred.

The group returned to Brighton Marina and
were attempting to reverse their Beneteau Oceanis 40 into its berth when
Alana’s leg became stuck between their vessel and the neighbouring one. 

The 51-year-old sailor said: “My husband
was at the helm reversing and I’d got all the ropes ready to jump off the boat.
I sat down on the side of the yacht because I was going to ease myself off onto
the pontoon.

“A big freak gust of wind blew the boat to
one side as my husband was trying to reverse and my leg became stuck between
our boat and the neighbouring one.”

With the wind conditions continuing to
increase the difficulty of maneuvering the boat, Mrs Cowell’s leg was pushed
further onto the other boat’s anchor.

“My thigh was stuck and getting
crushed between their anchor and our boat. The boats were pushing against each
other and I was getting crushed and crushed and crushed. I was just thinking it
was going to be ripped off, it was really frightening,” added the sailor from
Uckfield, Sussex.

Mrs Cowell was able to throw the ropes
she’d been holding to a passer by so they could help pull the boats away from
each other.

After her badly injured leg was released, emergency crews arrived at the scene to aid her and she was later taken to

Fortunately, Mrs Cowell’s leg was not
broken but she had to spend three months on crutches and in a wheelchair as a
result of her injuries. 

Alana Cowell, who was completely new to boating
until a few years ago, has written a book about her experiences
of sailing and her journey to becoming a qualified skipper.

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