The UK Coastguard has dealt with "serious fighting" on board boats at Studland, Dorset, during a beer festival held over the weekend

A fight between 15 people on board two boats off South Beach, Studland in Dorset has resulted in the two vessel being monitored while they returned to Poole.

Volunteers with the Swanage Coastguard Rescue Team were patrolling the area during a beer festival on Saturday night (12 August) when “serious fighting” was reported to be going on aboard two boats. Threats were made to “sink each other’s boats”, according to a spokesman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

The team gave an account of the event on its blog.

“At 7pm the team headed out and it wasn’t long before it was reported there was some serious fighting going on aboard some boats at South Beach. On arrival it had calmed down but the team remained around to ensure people were going back to their boats safely.”

A further fight broke out later on and officers with Dorset Police attended the incident.

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“Sadly, a further fight started on a boat with the team standing by whilst police attended. The boats parted company and were monitored back to Poole due to their behaviour,” stated the blog.

It was not the only “serious maritime incident” the Swanage Coastguard Rescue Team had to deal with at Studland.

Volunteers had to assist some people in danger of being cut off by the tide, and helped move a grounded jet ski, which had been left balancing on rocks, before it was claimed by the incoming tide.

“One of the biggest risks whilst at the beach is mixing cold water and alcohol. The team spotted several naked males swimming at South Beach. The group were monitored and later give safety advice,” wrote a member of the team on the blog.