A Liberian liquefied gas carrier ran aground on Haisborough Sand off the coast of Norfolk earlier this year

A ship ran aground in the North Sea after

the officer on watch became distracted and lost positional awareness, finds a

report by the MAIB.

The 524ft Liberian liquefied gas carrier Navigator Scorpio had been off the coast

of Norfolk when it ran aground in restricted waters on Haisborough Sand.


investigation into the incident, which happened on 3 January, also found that

the passage plan was incomplete and that the effects of wind and strong tidal

streams had not been properly taken into account. 

The sole

bridge watchkeeper become distracted from his lookout duties when he began undertaking passage planning and chart

corrections, causing him to miss the planned course change.

The report

said: “Given the proximity to danger, appropriate navigational techniques were

not applied and the bridge manning was insufficient.


weaknesses in the crew’s navigation capability had been identified during an

audit of the vessel, however, follow up actions were not sufficient to prevent

this grounding.”

The vessel,

which had been heading to Scotland, was underway without a complete

berth-to-berth passage plan and when a potential hazard was identified, the

master failed to take effective action to avoid it.


investigation also found that after grounding, false information was added to

the chart.


Shulte Shipmanagement has taken a number of steps since the incident, including

conducting their own investigation and circulating the findings to other

vessels and additional training for Navigator


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