The 110-metre High Efficiency Motor Yacht (HEMY) concept promises savings in fuel consumption and superior performance

Lymington-based naval architects, Laurent Giles, have unveiled the High Efficiency Motor Yacht (HEMY) concept.

The 110 metre vessel turns on its head the idea that there has to be a compromise between accommodation and efficiency on a modern superyacht.

In a media release, Laurent Giles said that modern superyacht design aims to maximise accommodation space within a given length.

“This typically leads to beamy, heavy and inefficient hull forms, with reduced seakeeping attributes,” highlighted the firm, which has recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

“The concept was to start with a typical 70-75m yacht and lengthen the hull to offer increased interior volume and remain within a 3000GT limit,” commented the managing director of Laurent Giles, David Lewis.

A concept of an ultra efficient superyacht called HEMY

Bow of the High Efficiency Motor Yacht. Credit: Laurent Giles

“Not only does the HEMY offer increased accommodation volume, but with its more efficient length/beam ratio and lighter displacement/length it offers significant improvements in performance and seakeeping,” he continued.

“The HEMY concept with the same power as a typical 75m achieves speed improvements of 2-3 knots, or to put it another way achieves the same cruising or top speed for about 65% of the power, with corresponding savings in fuel consumption,” added Lewis.

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HEMY is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system which will give a maximum speed of 20 knots. It will also have a range of 6,500 nautical miles at its cruising speed of 17.5 knots.

Technical Specifications

Length: 110 m
Beam: 12.5 m
Draft: 3 .8 m
Displacement: 2500 tonnes
Gross Tonnage: 3000 GT
Accommodation Area: 1650 m2
Max Installed Power: 4000 kW
Max Speed: 20 knots
Cruising Speed: 17.5 knots
Range at Cruising Speed: 6500 nm