Record numbers of people followed the exploits of the 2013/14 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

More than three billion people tuned into coverage of the latest Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, according to figures from a media report.
A record number of people followed the action from the 2013/14 race, with an audience of around 3.3 billion people in more than 200 countries.
Global business and communications director Jonathan Levy said that the Clipper race “is capturing the imagination of audiences around the world, not only because it’s compelling viewing but also because it could be them.
“Our crew members achieve something remarkable, racing and, for many, circumnavigating the planet – no experience necessary as we provide all the training. It’s very inspiring!”
The latest independent evaluation of the media coverage of the 2013/14 race by data consultants Kantar Media estimates that the global audience has trebled since last year.
However, there are still more than a thousand news items to be added into the report and a TV series is yet to air, with the final audience predicted to be in excess of 4.5 billion.
Organisers are hoping that the race’s audience will continue to grow as two new television series are due to be distributed to international broadcasters by BBC Worldwide. The shows are being previewed this week at Sportel in Monaco, the world’s largest annual sports TV market.
“We are receiving an extremely positive response to the new TV series. We have created two different series to capture both sides of the Clipper Race.
“One follows the adrenaline fuelled fierce competition between teams as points are claimed in the 16-race series, building to the final champion’s podium; while the other focuses on individual crew stories as they take on the immense human challenge, confronting Mother Nature in the raw.”

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