Both the Wick and Thurso Lifeboats launched to the Mohican Two after a crew member was struck down with severe seasickness

The volunteer RNLI lifeboat crews at Wick and Thurso launched at just after 1630 on 12 February 2017 following the Mayday from the Mohican Two.

One crew member on board the yacht was suffering from severe seasickness and the second crew member could not manoeuvre the vessel properly in the strong tide in the Pentland Firth off Duncansby Head, north-east Scotland.

A spokesman for Wick RNLI said that when the lifeboat arrived on scene Mohican Two was making little progress due to the tidal conditions.

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“A member of the Wick lifeboat crew was transferred to the vessel to assist the ill crew member, meanwhile the Thurso lifeboat which was also launched to assist, made its way to the scene,” said the spokesman.

Due to the poor weather conditions on the east coast and Wick Bay, the Thurso Lifeboat towed the yacht back to Scrabster Harbour.