A man’s dismembered body was found in the sea off Dorset following the incident in May last year

Two men have been
found guilty of murder after pushing another man off a boat and running him
over with the propeller.

The dismembered body
of 30-year-old Rico Dardis was found in the sea off Christchurch following the
incident in May last year.

A jury at Winchester
Crown Court found Paul Gerlach, 52, and Louis Borzoni, 50, guilty of Mr Dardis’

Mr Gerlach was jailed
for 17 years, while Mr Borzoni was jailed for 15.

In the last few weeks,
the jury heard how the three men had been out on a boat trip during the Whitsun
Bank Holiday Monday when they got into an argument.

Mr Dardis was pushed
from the Maxum cruiser and then run over.

His body was later
found floating in the surf, with one of his legs still caught in the boat’s

Both defendants denied
murdering the victim, saying that Mr Dardis had attacked them.

However, in a secret
recording Mr Gerlach can be heard telling his wife, “I killed him, I killed him.
I ran him over with the boat”.

“Yeah, I murdered him
and I’m not remorseful”, he added.

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