London lifeboat crews and ambulance services successfully resuscitated the man in his late 60s yesterday afternoon

A man in his late 60s
was successfully resuscitated yesterday afternoon after being pulled from the River

RNLI crews, police and
the ambulance service attended the scene in Greenwich following reports of a
man face down in the water.

The incident, which occurred
just after 2.30pm, saw around 50 passers-by gather on the foreshore to watch as
events unfolded.

The casualty was taken
aboard the London lifeboat, before being transferred to Greenwich Pier where he
received CPR.

After several minutes,
ambulance crews were able to establish a heartbeat and managed to get the man
breathing again.

Tower RNLI helmsman Stuart Morrison, said: “The
man was in his late 60s, he was unresponsive; no heartbeat, he wasn’t
breathing, and we were told he had been pulled from the water where had had
been lying face down.

“We pulled him onto the lifeboat, went on
the inside of Greenwich Pier, and got him onto the pier where CPR was taken
over by our crew.”

It’s not clear how he
ended up in the water but was later taken to hospital for further treatment.

Tower RNLI station
manager Janet Kelly, said: “It can be very distressing to see something like
this happen before your very eyes, and there was a number people watching from
the shore.

“Fortunately, our full
time and volunteer lifeboat crew are trained for any eventuality and to keep
their cool under pressure. They worked brilliantly with our colleagues from
London Ambulance Service and I sincerely hope the man is recovering.”

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