YBW forum member Phil Ashwin had a pleasant surprise while sailing last week after he was joined by a school of dolphins off Poole

A yachtsman has posted stunning footage of a school of dolphins off Poole on YouTube after capturing the video while out sailing last week.

YBW forum member Phil Ahswin was on a day sail to Anvil Point and back when around ten dolphins joined him on the Dorset coast.

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Mr Ashwin, who owns a Cal T4, said: “There was a bit of a race off the Old Harry Rocks and I was skirting round it when I saw one dolphin leap completely out of the water.

“A few minutes later a couple blew right beside me and by the time I started the camera they’d done their first close pass if you like, before coming back.

“It was wonderful, they always seem to be doing it because they want to. You naturally find yourself talking to them. It certainly put a smile on my face, it the lifts the soul if you like.”

This wasn’t the first time Mr Ashwin had experienced dolphins alongside, having previously had groups swim by in Lyme Bay, the Bristol Channel and the north east of Scotland.

Dolphins can be spotted throughout the year off the UK but late spring and summer are more commonly known for sightings.

Catherine Bowley from the dolphin and whale charity ORCA said: “We see a variety of dolphin species in waters around the UK. Common, Bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins are often seen off the south west of England, Scottish and Welsh coastline.

“Dolphins can be seen all year round but are more commonly sighted during late spring and summer, when the sea conditions are calmer and visibility is best for seeing activity in the water.”