Boataffair's Boat Swapping Community allows yacht owners to swap their craft with other boaters in over 40 locations in the world

Boat rental company Boataffair, has launched a new service: the Boat Swapping Community.

Boaters can connect with other boat owners in over 40 locations all over the world, and experience holidaying on a different yacht in countries of their choice.

Yacht owners decide who they want to accept for a boat swap and whether they want to be on board and host their guests or not. They can choose to swap for short or long periods of time, from one day to a full holiday.

The scheme is currently free of charge for those who join in 2018, although the company has said that in 2019 they will introduce a small membership fee. For now, boat owners sign up free of charge and get an unlimited number of boat swaps anywhere in the world.
The Boat Swapping Community already has members in Australia, France, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the US.

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“We believe that this is truly unique opportunity for people who own boats and love them to try out different boats in different locations without the cost of rental”, says Natalya Walker, co-founder and COO of Boataffair. “Usually, a boat owner is restricted by the location of their boat. And when they travel, they don’t usually rent boats out as it can be cost prohibitive. But not anymore!”

Within the Boataffair Boat Swapping Community, boat owners can communicate directly without having to go through a third party. Owners can choose to host guests or simply swap boats with them. If owners don’t want to swap with each other, Boataffair has a system where they earn coins which can be redeemable against future swaps.