A brief explanation of the types of marine radios available, including the pros and cons of various types of fixed and handheld VHF sets

We’ve outlined the main types of marine radios available from ICOM to help you decide exactly which product will work for you.

Handheld VHFHandheld VHF
Icom’s marine handhelds are among the most reliable and waterproof in the market. Ranging from simple buoyant radios to Handhelds with integrated GPS and DSC, there is something suitable for everyone’s needs.

Fixed VHFFixed VHF
For vessels with battery power, a fixed radio is a good choice. Icom’s range of fixed or mounted VHF/DSC radios are easy to use and stylish in design.

SSB radioHF/SSB (Long Range)
HF/SSB radio plays an important part in maritime communications; it provides mariners with a viable and effective form of communication over long distances. With over 20 years experience in producing high quality HF Marine Transceivers, Icom’s SSB radios are among the best in the market.

Commercial radioCommercial Marine
Icom has a range of products suitable for the commercial marine environment. From base stations for coordinating marine traffic from shore to repeaters for extending operating range and full systems for super yachts, there’s something available for any commercial maritime customer.

AISAIS Products
Our AIS Products bring added versatility by working alongside your existing marine equipment…


SSB radioPMR 446 – Licence-free Walkie Talkies
Licence free walkie talkies offer an effective and low-cost communication solution providing general-purpose radio communications over a short distance. There is no need for a licence and no previous knowledge or experience of radio equipment is necessary.