The rowers were rescued after their boat became trapped in strong tides at Dove Pier on the River Thames. Watch the rescue!

Members of the Chiswick RNLI lifeboat crew were alerted by a passing rowing coach that eight rowers were trapped by the strong tide at Dove Pier, River Thames.

The flood tide had pinned the rowing eight against two houseboats, and they were unable to get free.

The RNLI crew were outside the Harrods depository near Hammersmith Bridge and was able to respond immediately.

Helmsman Glen Monroe carefully manoeuvred the lifeboat close to the rowers.

With great skill, he kept the lifeboat in position, stemming the tide while getting close enough to the rowers to get them on board.

Monroe commented: “We have helped a number of crews in powered and unpowered craft getting caught out by the strong tide sweeping round this bend in the river.”

He continued: “Our concern is that if anyone ends up in the water they could be swept underneath vessels on the pier and become trapped in the mooring chains or other underwater obstructions.”

“We took great care not to disturb the rowers’ boat when we approached and managed to get them all on board the lifeboat without anyone getting their feet wet,” concluded Monroe.

The incident happened on the afternoon of 21 May.

Chiswick RNLI lifeboat is the second busiest station in the UK and Ireland.

Since starting service in 2002, the volunteer crew has attended more than 2,900 incidents and rescued more than 1,500 people.