The skipper of the yacht was rescued from the Solent on 21 May after hitting his head during a sailing regatta.

A man with a serious head injury was rescued from a yacht in the Solent on 21 May after an urgent Pan Pan distress call was made.

Members of the Gosport & Fareham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS) were mobilised by the UK Coastguard to assist the injured sailor.

He had been knocked unconscious after he hit his head during a sailing regatta.

The lifeboat crew arrived just off Browndown Point at around 12pm and two crew members went on board the vessel.

GAFIRS crew member, Jake Robinson, a student paramedic, said: “After assessment of the casualty, his head injury was dressed. Due to his symptoms and to minimise the risk of any further injury, he was immobilised on a scoop stretcher.”

Gosport lifeboat crew stayed on board the yacht while the lifeboat escorted the vessel to Camber Dock.

The eight-man crew transferred the injured man onto the pontoon at Camber Dock, where South Central Ambulance Service and Portsmouth’s Mobile Coastguard team were waiting.

The injured sailor was then taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, for further treatment.

The GAFIRS coxswain, Peter Byford said: “Because GAFIRS are on duty every weekend and the fact this incident happened just off our station, the casualty was fortunate that we could assist so quickly.”

He continued: “It was even more fortunate that one of my crew on the day is a trainee paramedic and perfectly placed to assist.”

In total, the rescue operation lasted two hours.