Eight people were thrown into the water on Sunday after a huge wave capsized a boat off the coast of Hawaiian island Maui

A 22ft motorboat was flipped over on Sunday after it was hit by a huge wave at the surf break known as Jaws on Hawaiian island Maui.
Eight members of a TV crew were onboard the boat, along with thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment, when it was capsized by a giant wall of water.
TV producer Paul Cleveland said a foam surge from the wave broke into the boat and pushed it sideways and rolled it.
 “I dove to the floor of the boat and locked my arms underneath the rail and by the motor because I knew the propellers were moving.”
“I held myself in until I felt the boat go completely upside down and capsize.”
“I looked and I go, ‘I got to get out first’ as I knew there was another wave coming. So I came out from under the boat and soon as I came up, sure enough, the next wave was breaking right on us.”
All eight of the crew were pulled to safety following the incident and luckily no one was hurt. The boat was only lightly damaged during the capsize.